Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mid-Week Musing

News: my belly button has gotten suspiciously shallow lately. This has interrupted an age-old tradition of Michael trying to tap his finger in and out of my belly button to make a funny little “plop” noise. He usually tries to get in as many as he can before I successfully squirm away because it feels weird. And now the bottom of my belly button is right there close to the surface! All vulnerable and exposed!

Question: Do ALL belly buttons completely pop out like little snooze buttons?

Item: I had new software installed on my work computer to allow me to use my regular mouse on my laptop instead of the little finger pad thing. When the tech guy came over to install, he showed me that the official settings make you select which computer is the “master” computer and which is the “slave computer. Is it horrible that my first instinct was to giggle and blush and think, "Kinky!"? Maybe my first reaction should have been to shake my head at the insensitivity.

Update: According to my daily pregnancy email reminder, baby is about 2 lbs right now! Makes sense, my midwife told us that she went through a growth spurt in the past month! Wish I could nuzzle her!

And now I present a one-word teaser for what my next blog will be about: balls.

Let your imagination wander!


  1. my belly button didn't pop out... but I have a really "inny" "inny"

  2. Don't worry Julie...it's not like a "turkey timer"! Mine never did pop out...it just got flat!
    P.S. I know that belly-button game...sometimes you can actually play a tune!