Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Old Sacramento Festival of Lights

As part of the activity advent calendar, I took the kids to Old Sacramento for dinner, lights and a carriage ride. We might have snuck in a beignet or two - but hey, that's what happens when I'm running solo with the kids and also have no self-restraint.


This is basically how June was the whole time...she wanted to be able to watch the horse!

I hadn't planned on staying for the lights show since it was a little long last year and I didn't think the kids had been that into it. But it was starting right as our carriage ride was done, so we stuck around. At first I thought the kids wouldn't like it because they couldn't see through the crowds and I could only lift one on my shoulders. But a kindly gent next to me suggested I ask if my kids could go up in the VIP wagon that had an elevated view. I took his advice and the people manning the wagon let us in! So we got a wonderful view and a spot where the kids could sit and watch.

Definitely one of my favorite nights of the activity advent calendar so far!

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