Thursday, December 15, 2016

Big News: Seattle Bound!

Hi All!

As you can see by my lack of posts, it has been busy around these parts lately. Part of that is the typical ... working full time, taking classes at night, volunteering as June's class garden docent, finishing up June's soccer season, girl scouts, daily activities for the Christmas Activity Advent calendar.

And then there is the huge news! We are moving to Seattle!

Michael was offered a wonderful job opportunity, and after a lot of consideration and late-night discussion, we decided to accept it!

It's definitely bittersweet because we really loved Sacramento. We loved just about everything about the town and have a great group of friends that we are really going to miss.

But man, am I excited to be going back to Seattle. I LOVED living in Seattle as a kid, and though being there as an adult will be a different experience (playing soccer in the rain might be slightly more fun that watching soccer cold and in the rain!), I am so thrilled. Michael and I have some friends who live there and can't wait to get to spend time with them.

We told June soon after making the decision. She had some tears thinking about leaving her friends and school. We pulled up a tourism video about Seattle and she perked up pretty quickly. Since that day, she had periodically mentioned that she's still sad we're moving because of her friends, but we haven't had any more tears. I know that this is far from over, but I've been pleasantly surprised with how flexible she is.

Michael is actually already up there! He started at his new job, so he's been up there for several weeks. This, of course, means that I've been home with the kids on my own, carrying on with everything else we have going on. No matter the challenges that come with this, it's really the best way. Michael can really dig in at his new job, working late (and traveling to a championship game!). And I can keep the kids in their routine until we get a house up in Seattle. The one thing we knew was that we didn't want to move June into a new kindergarten if it was not the one she would be at permanently.

Speaking of, we bought a house! Sight unseen, for me (!!). The market in Seattle is uber competitive, especially in the parts of town we're looking at, with houses selling within days of going on the market. So we knew we'd have to make a quick decision on anything we fell in love with. We did fall in love with a little blue house in an adorable neighborhood - a block away from the elementary school and with a gorgeous backyard. I did get one FaceTime tour so I did have some input - haha.

So that's that! We're moving - likely in early-to-mid February. There is so much still to do - talk to the school about enrolling, look for daycares, figure out moving dates, pack... My dear, dear mother-in-love came to help for a particularly busy week and I will be forever grateful for that. And we can get through anything, especially when we have the powerful motivation of ending up together in Seattle.

(I made Michael promise he won't ride a ferry without me...we'll see if he can resist the temptation.)

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  1. How amazing, congratulations! I'm so jealous. I wish I could convince Robert to move back to Seattle!