Saturday, November 12, 2016

Visit from Mom and Dad

A couple quick photos from the weekend that my parents visited! We loved having them out here, and the kids so loved getting to spend some time with the people they see on FaceTime so much!

One of my favorite moments was watching Dad play soccer with Bennett during June's practice. Dad was pretending to be 'Bad Papa' and Bennett was shrieking while he dribbled away from him.

We also had a bunch of time to just chill around the house, playing games and doing activities.

We also went to Old Sacramento for the Train Museum, which was cool because our membership there was a gift from Mom and Dad!

Then we walked down to Joe's Crab Shack right on the river and had lunch - complete with some Shark Bite drinks for mom and me! It was a great time!

1 comment:

  1. Such great pics of treasured memories. I love that the "girls" we're all wearing matching stripes...precious❤️
    So glad that your parents were there and that they got to see June ( and Bennett ��) playing soccer.
    I am sure it brought back a lot of fond memories for them.