Tuesday, October 4, 2016

June's First Day of School

Back on September first, June started kindergarten!

Lots of people asked if she was nervous, but I can honestly say that she wasn't. The poor girl started school so late that most of her friends at daycare had already left, staying home for the summer or starting their own schools. So by the end, she was one of the only 5 year olds left, and she was so eager for it to finally be her time to start at a new school. So, as a result, she excitedly walked into her new classroom, gave me a big kiss and then sat in her spot on the rug without fuss as I walked out. 

She loves kindergarten. She loves her teacher. When I picked her up on the first day, she said, "I love kindergarten and I never want to leave, ever!"

She's also in the after school program, which is needed since their school gets out so early. So she's got a different set of friends (a few from her kinder class) to hang out with, and a different set of stories to bring home. 

I've really enjoyed hearing about all the school-y stuff... an assembly about school rules, a fire drill, an upcoming ride-your-bike-to-school day. Sometimes June doesn't remember a ton about her day, so I try asking really specific questions. If all else fails, I ask her if everyone was a good listener that day because girl loves nothing more than to tell me about which kids got in trouble that day! (The gossip is strong in this one.)

June picked out her backpack and lunch box. She got the kitten print. 

Sometimes she even lets Bennett hold her lunch box as they walk out to the car!

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  1. 1) the gossip 😂 2) I love how proud Bennett looks with June's lunch bag. They are adorable!!