Monday, August 1, 2016

A Late Fourth of July Post

It's never too late to post a blog about the 4th of July, right?  Even a month later?

We had a busy 4th of July weekend - we had just gotten back in town from our quick trip to Vegas. We were lucky enough to have Michael's parents in town - for the second year in a row!

On that Saturday, we headed across the street to a neighbor's front yard party. It was great to see everyone, watch the kids have fun and enjoy some good old-fashioned neighborly fun.

Action shot close ups, please:

Two parents very optimistically tried to set up a water balloon toss. I think that water balloon was successfully tossed?

It was then time for harmless front yard fireworks, or as June saw it, Pure and Utter Terror Time.

Turns out 5 was also not her year for fireworks.

On the fourth, we went to a little community parade that ended with a small neighborhood fair. The kids played some games, sat in a fire truck and bounced in a bounce house.

After naps, we went to a friend's house for their party. Both kids got some good pool time in - and Grammy and Papaw Fred did too!

I ended up painting the kids' faces (it was a negotiation point for NOT having the kids wait in the crazy line for face painting at the fair earlier that day), so we ended up with a pack of 5-or-so tigers running around the house. 

We lasted for maybe two driveway fireworks before June's terror took over again and we had to depart. We figured that we were on borrowed time anyway (it gets dark so late that we were up past both kids' bed times) so it wasn't a huge deal.

We put Bennett to bed, let June watch some of New York's fireworks on the television ("I'm not scared if they're far away, Mommy,") and even walked to the corner to see the ones in the distance.

Fireworks fears notwithstanding, it was a pretty good weekend!

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