Monday, July 4, 2016

Visiting Mom and Dad

I was SO lucky to get to visit my parents this summer. Of course, we would have all liked for it to have been a full-family trip, but that just wasn't in the cards. With dad's health and ongoing treatment, visits require a large amount of uncertainty and flexibility. Even flying alone, the week of my visit, I was unsure if I should be flying into Philadelphia or into New York to meet them. It's much easier for me to change arrangements, have long-ish car rides and sit with dad during cancer treatments than it would be with two kids 5 and under.

So I went alone, looking forward to spending some alone time with them.

We did end up taking an overnight trip into New York so Dad could get another clinical trial treatment. Mom and Dad were so apologetic about having my 'relaxing' trip be so on-the-go, but of course all I cared about was spending time with them. I didn't care if it was on their back patio at home or on a train into NYC! 

We did have a great dinner and got to go to a show - Fiddler on the Roof, which was amazing. 

Dad went back to the hotel to rest while Mom and I stayed out for a nightcap near our hotel. It was on the rooftop of a hotel and the view was absolutely spectacular.

The next morning, we walked around New York a little, Dad had a treatment and then we headed back to Delaware. 

Mom and Dad are staying in the coolest house - it was built around the 1780's, so it has this really great charm. I loved just getting to hang out with them, having coffee in the mornings or cocktails on the patio in the evening. 

While I was there, I got to go to Dad's company picnic, we got to eat out and eat in, walk into their adorable little town on the water, and spend Father's Day together!

Then I headed out to Phoenix for several days for work, meaning that Michael had a total of 10 days with the kids on his own! Of course the trip went by so quickly and I was sad to leave them when it was over. Now I've got even more motivation to get my kids out there for a visit so they can have as good a time as I did seeing my parents.

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