Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quick Trip to Vegas

Michael and I were so lucky and so happy to get a few days away recently. Judy and Fred came in town to spend time with the kids, and knowing that they were happy and safe at home, we headed out for a few days of debauchery. And by debauchery I mean relaxation by the pool and some mild gambling at the craps table. 

Our room was wonderful - with its own dining and sitting area and two bathrooms.

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan, which I had never seen before. I loved the vibe of the hotel - it was fun and modern, with really cool art installations all over the place. 

We met our friends Russell and Alexa there. This was their first weekend away from their sweet babe, so we were all on the same page that we wanted to have an awesome time, but none of us wanted to be so hungover and exhausted at the end of the trip, like so many Vegas trips end up as.

Before Russell and Alexa arrived, Michael and I got to walk around a bit and have a cocktail or two in the Chandelier bar, which is a giant chandelier that you sit inside of...

The next day we spent all day down at the pool. It was warm out, but we had a shaded cabana and the water felt so nice. There were kids splashing around in the pool and we all laughed at how weird it was to be in the pool and not in constant alarm about the status of your children and their immediate safety.

A huge storm rolled in at about 3 and we tried to wait it out in our cabana, but eventually got kicked out because of the lightning! We made a run for it, got another drink inside and then headed upstairs for the standard Vegas 4PM Nap.

Fancy dinner that night at STK, followed by drinks and a cab down to Old Vegas, which is quite jazzed up from what I remember as a kid.

We had some fun at the craps table, me channeling my dad and trying to remember all the rules. 

The next afternoon we went to a different pool. This one was right along the strip, up among the buildings, so it had a really great view and feel. I even got to read a book! For pleasure! What is this sensation?

We had another great night - casual dinner, a cab to the New York, New York hotel and a few more rolls at the craps table. 

It was the perfect trip away. The right amount of time, the greatest friends, the perfect mix of relaxing and having fun. 

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  1. Your trip looks so dreamy! You and Michael look so blissful and you're looking good in those leggings!!