Monday, July 18, 2016

Around Here Lately

Concerts in the park with friends:

And let's be real here, the true hero of the day is this kid playing with a Santa shirt and Santa hat in the middle of June:

General shenanigans:

June wanting to take her sea shell to school during 'ocean animals' week, but being sad that it's not an animal. Me saying that animals live in shells, and listing off the ones that do. Her honing in on the list item "geoduck" (pronounced gooey-duck). Which is basically how she came to bring pictures of the things to school the next day. Michael tried to veto it do to the animal looking VERY phallic, but June and I would not be swayed. (We didn't tell June just what it looked like. "It looks like a worm!" she said.)

More swim lessons:

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