Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Indianapolis Zoo

We just got back from a week-long vacation to Indianapolis! I haven't even unpacked my bag yet, but I was so excited to upload my pictures from this trip and relive such a nice, fun, summer-y trip to visit our family.

We did a lot of fun things - one being heading to the Indianapolis Zoo. I had some serious zoo envy going on...their zoo is much bigger and more impressive that Sacramento's little zoo!

We went to the dolphin show and it was A HIT with the kids. I couldn't get over how nicely Bennett sat in his little spot, waiting for the action to begin. They loved seeing the dolphins waving and splashing and jumping and flipping.

Speaking of animals, on one afternoon while we were in Danville, Judy heard some scratching at her front door. After peeking out her front window, she went through a different door and around the house to find this guy stuck on the front porch just like this:

A monster turtle!

A neighbor had a big trap/cage and wrangled this guy into it, which is where we found him when we returned home.

It turns out their next door neighbor thinks they found this same turtle in their garage last week, but dumped him in the lake across the neighborhood. What is he doing, and why is he targeting the houses in this corner of the 'hood? And how did he get up the 3 steps to get stranded on the front porch? And why is his face so cute?

The kids were sad to hear that he had been taken and released in a nearby golf course's lake, but Bennett kept agreeing that "Turtle go live in the water!"

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