Saturday, May 21, 2016

Around Here Lately

1. Finishing spring semester of class. This semester it was Anatomy & Physiology and it might have been the most challenging and time consuming courses I've ever taken. Each unit was just jam-packed with items needing to be memorized. All 206 bones. All the muscles. Nerves. Layers and accessories of the skin. I am VERY relieved for it to be over....and hoping to enjoy summer before taking A&P part 2 in the fall!

(A real human brain!) 

(The layers of the retina of the eye under a microscope)

2. Buying June a bigger bike and the kids getting distracted by the power wheels.

3. Food trucks in the park

4. Visiting the Fish Hatchery with friends

5. A date night watching the Scottish Fiddlers (Michael knows me so well!)

6. Bennett using everything as an air guitar or air trumpet

7. June and Bennett being best friends

8. Bennett's first dentist appointment. It was actually just going to be him watching me get my teeth cleaned get him comfortable with the idea. He sat on my chest and practically had his head in my mouth, watching everything while the wonderful technician cleaned. When I was done, he hopped on the chair and said "MY TURN!" So she looked around!

9. Nothing going on on a Saturday morning, so breaking out the face painting kit!

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  1. You are seriously super woman- managing a very full schedule and still making it very evident your family is a priority. You holding a brain looks so right, too. Excited for you to continue on this journey!