Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday, June!

We had June's birthday party at a little party venue this year. This was our first time not having it in our home, and I have to say, I did love not having to set anything up or worry about cleaning or anything! We just set the date, told them what themed decorations to bring (Star Wars) and brought the food/cake. 

It was non-stop fun activities and games for the kids. We have been to two other birthday parties here before (which is why June asked that it be here) but they even included games we'd never seen because of the Star Wars theme. It was so cute!

"Jedi Training" with "light sabers":

Bennett LOVED the instructor and basically stayed glued to her side the whole day.

Had to show a close-up of this photo since I have the same pose from my own 5th birthday:

Time for snacks and cake:

And then more fun activities...

Don't mind the look on Bennett's face, he loved this and immediately ran to get in line to 'swing' again:

I love this photo from the very end of the party, with all her friends grouped around her, giving a cheer. June has such a sweet little smile on her face!

That night, we had our neighbors and some friends over for a last-minute dinner to watch some Final Four basketball. All 6 kids fit around our tiny picnic table.

Happy Birthday to my 5 year-old (!!) girl! She is sweet, gentle, sensitive, smart, funny, imaginative and silly. I love her so much and love watching her grow up.

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