Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Birthday, Beer Train and Belly Dancing!

My actual birthday was spent on a work trip, working a 15-hour work day for a big project implementation. However, I did get to see JP and Alison for dinner earlier in the week and I really thought of that as my birthday celebration. Besides, all the more to look forward to upon returning home.

I had an early enough flight home that I'd get to see the kids, and not only that, but to be serenaded and presented with chocolate cake once home!

The next day, we had a group date night on a beer train! It was about 3 hours round trip, on a train (in the rain!) with lots of beer tasting. There were different stations and you got 8 tickets to taste the options. At first I thought that there was no way I'd drink all of those...and then...I did.

We mostly stayed at our little nook, venturing out in groups to get refills, but we also took trips back to the open air car (covered for the rain) where a band was playing! They were so good - I couldn't believe they had their own horn section.

Michael was so sweet and wanted to take me out somewhere nice for dinner, but all I wanted was to go to Marakesch for some Moroccan food and belly dancing! It's just so fun - a full experience, including the group hand-washing in the beginning, eating with our hands, eating on cushions near the ground, sharing platters of food, etc. 

And when it was time for someone to get up and dance to give the dancer a tip, the whole group did! Ha!

Such a good time! It was a really wonderful birthday celebration this year!

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