Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bennett Turned Two!

Bennett turned two the other day!

June had been talking with him about it, and the only thing he really 'got' was that we'd be singing Happy Birthday to him and that he'd get cupcakes. This meant that, from the instant he woke up, he didn't allow himself to venture more than a few feet away from the cupcakes at any given time. 

We had a very small get together with two families who have kids Bennett's age. We had a little bagel picnic in the park, then walked over to where some pony rides are. Bennett is really into horses right now, so we knew this would be a hit!

The little ones rode ponies and the big girls rode horses. It was really cute! Bennett did great - I wondered if he might get nervous once he was on a horse, but he didn't, and just seemed so happy and surprised to actually be riding one. He talked about "Dusty," his pony, the rest of the day (and still remember's Dusty's name)!

Bennett is such a sweet, funny, smart little guy. He's mischievous, passionate, silly and helpful. We love watching him grow up!

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  1. I love that Bennett has the same affinity for horses at Duncan! These two would have so much to talk about! ;)