Monday, February 1, 2016

Skiing with Friends

Hello from the tail-end of a really wonderful weekend.

June got to go to a Star Wars themed birthday party on Saturday, then Michael and I had a date night. (Barbecue food and then playing Scrabble at a coffee shop. He challenged me - correctly, it turns out - that 'da' isn't a word, but I got him with 'bosh.' He won in the end, though!)

Then today we had a great snow day up in Tahoe. But since I don't have photos uploaded yet, I'm blogging about last weekend's ski trip!

Some good friends - a mom and daughter that goes to school with June - asked us if we would want to go skiing with them. We were both so excited to go! The girls were so cute in their little jewel-toned ski gear.

I was a little nervous on two accounts. One, I knew that Sage, June's friend, has been skiing many times and I've seen videos of her, so I hoped that we wouldn't hold them back too much. This was, after all, only June's second day on skis. Second, this was MY first time back on skis after about 17 years! I started off learning to ski as a kid, but pretty quickly switched over to snowboarding, which I've been doing ever since. But to help June with skiing, I thought I should get back on skis for the day. So I was pretty nervous at my own ability to do even simple things, much less being able to improvise with whatever a four-year-old-in-training might throw at me. 

On the chairlift:

It was great. Our friends had created (and advanced past the need of) a set of leashes that connect to the ski bindings, so we were able to borrow those. It was great - it allowed me to ski behind her (instead of hunched over, holding her up) and it allowed June a lot of freedom to try out her turns. 

In an added bonus, it allowed even me to get by with just skiing in 'pizza slice' the whole way down!

I couldn't believe how well June did, especially since I found out later that Michael had never really had the time to work on turning with her on their day. By the end of it, June was able to turn back and forth pretty regularly. She would also probably shoot down the hill if I wasn't there to slow her down! 

With the exception of one crash landing ("June, we have to turn left eventually! If we don't we might run into that fence right th-"), it was a really successful ski venture.

After a few post-lunch runs, we had a cup of hot cocoa in the lodge before making the drive back down. It was such a great day with friends - and we're loving our new weekend activity of heading up to Tahoe!

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