Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hitting the Slopes

We are very lucky to live about 90 minutes away from Lake Tahoe, which is known for being an awesome ski destination and summertime spot. Somehow we managed to not visit there for skiing in the time we've been in Sacramento (might have something to do with two small children...)

So we decided that this was the year to bring June up and get her started skiing. (I'm a snowboarder and although I love the idea of June going that route too, I also started on skis, so I'm happy to have her start there too.)

A couple weekends ago we went to an equipment shop, got June fitted with her own rental skis and got ready to make the trip up the mountain!

The next morning, we took advantage of our normal early waking time and got the kids ready in their under-layer, packed up the car and hit the road.

Ninety minutes later, we were at Sierra at Tahoe. We picked this one of the many ski resorts because it was close and it offered something fun for me and Bennett to do while Michael and June were skiing - tubing! 

We bundled up in the parking lot - Bennett used June's hand-me-down pants and boots. :)

Then we went our separate ways.

Bennett and I took a little shuttle over to the tubing/sledding hill and arrive just as it was opening. I was relieved because they only have so many tubes, and once they're out, they're out. We had brought a backup sled just in case, but they only let the tubers go up the rope-tow. I don't know if I could have managed hiking up the sledding hill carrying both Bennett and the sled!

Bennett never showed much outward sign of excitement over the whole thing. I took some pictures and video while we were being pulled up the rope-tow and he just about always looked like this. 

I imagine that he looked about the same while we were tubing down the hill. However, overtime we'd reach the bottom of the slope, he'd quietly say "Again," and start the march back to get in line to get towed up.

We had a pretty great view for a small snack:

After an hour or two, we met June and Michael back at the ski lodge for lunch, which we brought from home.

After that, Michael and June took a few more runs and Bennett and I hiked up so we could watch.

I didn't get to see a ton, but I was so impressed with how well June was doing! She did a great job carrying her weight, Michael was right there behind her helping her steer, she did her "pizza slice" to slow down. Michael showed me a video he took from earlier in the day and she was cruising down a little path all by herself!

They did have one 'incident' where Michael was skiing backwards and got so caught up in giving direction when June started gaining speed that he sorrrrrt of cruised right off the run over a sort of ledge. June tried to bail out but she sort of launched right off after him. Thankfully she was laughing as it happened. However, that is the only story she wanted to tell anyone about the whole day. Of course. 

They were on the bunny slope, which meant they used a 'magic carpet' (like a people mover at the airport) to pull them up the hill. But after lunch June wanted to try the chair lift, so they did that for the next 3 runs.

It was a great first trip. We would love to take June up several times this year if we can manage it. We likely won't take the whole family up each time because keeping Bennett entertained that whole time is a little harder to do. But I think it was a perfect first day up.

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