Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Early Arizona Christmas

My Dad hasn't been able to get back to Arizona for quite some time due to his health, so when we heard that he was going to have two weeks available to travel in December, we knew we'd go to meet him. He and my mom made the arrangements to get to Arizona, and we made the arrangements to join them!

The flight out was, unfortunately, incredibly difficult. Bennett is afraid of loud noises, and as soon as the plane engine revved up, he went into a panic that didn't really subside until the 'fasten seatbelt' light turned off 35 minutes later. As soon as he had to be back in his seat, he started screaming again. Anyway, it was a tough time, but thankfully the flight home was much better.

It was so good getting to see my family, especially in such a relaxed fashion, getting to just hang out around the house.

On the night that we were with JP, Alison and Kai, we had a bit of a Christmas celebration. We ate the traditional Montgomery Inn BBQ ribs and all put our bibs on to enjoy.

We only did some gifts for the kids, so they opened them up after dinner.

We got Kai a Star Wars wookie mask, which just about everyone tried on at some point. (It made noises when you opened your/its mouth.)

We also went to the park...

Had a fancy night out...

And stopped by CopperWynd, the spot where we got married over 7 years ago!

Mom and Dad had all of these glasses that said '2016,' so we had a little early celebration of that too!

I think we all felt pretty lucky to get that time to hang out with mom and dad back at their home in Arizona, especially since it's hard to know exactly when we'll all be back there next. 

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