Sunday, January 17, 2016

Downtown Disney

Last weekend June and I took a Mother-Daughter trip to Disneyland! This trip was our big gift to June for Christmas and she and I have both been over-the-moon excited for the trip to finally get here. I took a bunch of photos (although that's one thing you realize when it's just you and your one else to take pictures! Lots of 'selfies' and pictures of just June!) and I hope you don't mind me splitting it up into a couple of posts.

The trip out was uneventful. A quick flight, then we hopped on a shuttle bus to get to our resort.

We splurged and stayed at the Grand Californian hotel, which is a Disney hotel and is right there next to the parks. (There's actually an entrance from the hotel directly into the California Adventure park.) It was SO nice to be right there. You do so much walking at Disney and it was so nice to be able to pop right up to your room when you needed something or were done for the day. Plus, it was such a cool hotel that looked like a huge, rustic cabin inside.

We only bought tickets for two days in the parks, so we spent that evening walking around Downtown Disney, which is a big shopping area right outside the parks.

It was time for a snack and I spotted a New Orleans style restaurant. I leaned down and said, "Do you want one of those things that Tiana makes...the ones with powdered sugar?" And June smiled and said, "BEN-YAYS?" Haha, so we got some beignets.

This is outside of the big Legos store. That's Belle and the Beast made out of Legos in the background.

And I know it's a little kitschy, but we ate at the Rainforest Cafe right there in Downtown Disney. June loved it and loved when the 'thunderstorms' would come every 30 minutes.

We stopped at the Confectionary and got some treats on the way back to our room. We sat out on our balcony, which overlooked the district below, watching people and listening to the live music, talking about how excited we were for the next day. Such a great feeling.

(In that picture you can see June's little temporary tattoo on her arm. It's from tottoo and you can customize any message you want on them. Our say "If lost, call ---" with my phone number in it. I heard about these being a good idea the last time we went to Disney and was glad to have some extra for this trip too!)

It was so fun being in a hotel room alone with June. After I had turned out the lights, June became SO CHATTY and would not settle down. (Can you blame her?) One of my favorite moments was when she wistfully wondered aloud if a security dog we had seen earlier in the day was still awake. Another  was when I told her that we needed to sleep to have energy for tomorrow, and she replied, "I listen to my eyes. And my heart. And my dreams. And my eyes say that I'm not sleepy."

She finally fell asleep. Then I had to calm myself down since I was so excited for the next day to begin, too.

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