Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve was really great this year. We were lucky enough to have Michael's parents visiting us,  so we had a little extra love around the house. We had a nice dinner, put the kids to bed and then watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation while all the last-minute wrapping and assembling and breakfast-casserole-preparing went down. 

But before that, we had to read The Night before Christmas and start a new/old Christmas tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve.

Believe it or not, this was the most normal face we got out of June in this photo attempt:

June set out the milk and cookies and carrot for Santa, of course.

Christmas started EARLY the next day. 

As in, 5:30 AM early.

As in, make extra coffee early. 

(Bennett has been going through some sleep issues lately, and he was in a stretch of consistently waking up at 5:30 most mornings. We thought we'd gotten through it, but just this morning he woke up for good at 4. That's right, 4.)

Aaaaanyway, I quickly turned the tree lights on (in case June woke up) and tip-toed into Bennett's room to see about getting him back down. It was clear that wasn't happening, and soon I heard June's door open. 

"Mommy! You shouldn't be here! Santa won't come until we're all asleep!" I didn't immediately respond, so she said, "Wait," and peeked into the living room. "Unless he's already been here! I think he's already been here!" 

I felt pretty bad creeping back to Judy and Fred's room to whisper, "I'm sorry, but if you can't tell by the cries of 'Whee!' in the back ground, the kids are awake and are already playing on the slide Santa brought for Bennett." Judy and Fred were champs (being on East Coast time helped, I hope) and were up quickly so the kids could get started!

Our big gift to June this year is a trip to Disneyland that she and I are taking in a few days. We're both about out of our minds excited about it. We got her some tiaras to represent the trip as a present, and she quickly wanted to pick which ones we'd both wear in the parks.

Bennett got to wear one too:

Bennett got a tricycle from Judy and Fred, so they had to take it for a spin later that day!

We had chili and brussels sprouts and bread for dinner, with cheesecake bites (by Judy!) for dessert. It was a great day and a very merry Christmas!

(Now we just need to find a way to get that slide out of our living room and into the back yard!)

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