Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things

Oh man. Judy, June and I did such a cool thing on the day after Christmas. 

But first! 

We got out of the house early and headed over to the Train Museum when it opened. We wandered around quite a bit before walking through Old Sacramento to grab a bite to eat. After that, the boys all peeled off while us girls had a different plan.

First, we hopped in a carriage for a little ride around Old Sacramento. June was really excited about this - she always says she wants to ride one when we're in Old Sac, but this was only her second time getting the chance to do it. 

After that, it was time to head to the Sound of Music SING ALONG!!!!

I forget where I originally heard about this, but I was reminded of it on the radio and immediately signed us up. We arrived, got our seats and bought some 'party packs.' These were little bags with items inside that would let us play along with the movie. For example, a little whistle to blow whenever Captain Von Trapp whistled at his kids, a sprig of fake Edelweiss to sway in the air during that song and a 'party hat' to wear during the big party.

My favorite part was singing "Do-Re-Mi," where we each had a little sign with one of the notes and were supposed to raise it when our note came up. June was Do, Judy was Fa and I was La. It was just so fun to look around the auditorium and see the waves of the signs coming up and down, slowly at first, and then quicker at the end of the song. 

I had, however, forgotten just how long that movie is! (Almost 3 hours). The show started at 1:30 and, when they announced that we'd probably be done around 5, we all sort of looked around in surprise. I can't believe how well June did considering the length of the movie! By the end of it, she was a little restless, but it was more that she was fidgeting in her seat while still watching the movie, not that she had lost interest. She did SO WELL and I think she liked all the participation. 

One highlight for me were when she loudly asked "Which one is he (Captain Von Trapp) going to marry?!?" when the tension was highest. The two women behind us giggled because it was so sweet, so innocent, and isn't that what we all were thinking when we first saw the movie? (We all hissed when The Baroness came on the screen, ha!)

One other sort of funny moment was when June asked me who the Nazis were and I found myself in such an odd predicament, having never thought that I would need to quickly summarize the Nazi regime in between musical numbers to a four year-old.

This one is definitely becoming a yearly tradition!

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