Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

We were so happy to have a visit from JP and Alison for Thanksgiving! It was their first time visiting Sacramento and their first time in our home. 

For Bennett, it has been a long wait since our Hawaii visit because he adores Alison so much. He calls her "Alla" and his favorite activity is to request to look at our photo album from Hawaii and point to everyone, especially Alla. So his whole world came together in a moment of perfection when Alla looked through the photo book on their first night in town!

We had a relaxing morning drinking coffee and watching the Macy's Parade on TV.

Right before lunch, JP and Alison took June out to collect some leaves, flowers and other items in nature to decorate the table:

Thanksgiving dinner (or lunch, rather) went really well. This was my first one that I really attempted as the main executor of the thing, and I was surprised at how smoothly it went. This was Michael's first time carving a turkey and he was a natural!

After some chill time, it was time for the annual Turkey Day Games, of course! Including:

The Turkey Toss:

Soccer Shots:

Golf Chipping:

Not pictured:
Guess (the weight of) That Gourd!
Magnet Throw!
Run Around the House!

The last game, and probably my new favorite, was the Flour Game. You fill a teacup with baking flour, up-end it on a plate and it holds its shape. Place a quarter on top. Then take turns shaving off some flour with a knife. Whoever causes the quarter to fall has to retrieve it with their mouth!

It was so fun and exciting! June even played all by herself! I love seeing the look of nervous anticipation in these photos.

And the loser was.... JP!

It was SO funny (including the cloud of flour he coughed out immediately after this photo was taken), but poor Bennett became immediately terrified by his white face and started screaming and saying "Scared! Scared!" 

The Flour Game is totally becoming a regular in our household!

 Michael ended up winning the games by one point!

The rest of the weekend, we hung out around the house a bit, and also took a trip to Old Sacramento to walk around and see the Train Museum.

I really loved having the chance to hang out with JP and Alison so much. We might not have had any super exciting nighttime activities, but we did have good food, a fire in the fireplace and some fun games after the kids had gone to bed! :)

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  1. WoW! Wish we had been there! Where do I begin! I love the way Bennett loves Alison. (They are so cute together.). June's hair is adorable curly! Thanksgiving dinner looked delicious and the table was beautiful. I love the games and hope we can do some around Christmas. (Maybe include the flour game. J.P. Looked so funny with a white beard, mustache and nose!). The Railroad Museum looked like fun too. It looks like your Thanksgiving was a great success! Love you much! AMom