Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sayonara Soccer

I can't believe the soccer season is over already!

I remember back in August, after having a really difficult first practice (June had a hard time), thinking how far away the mid-November season closer felt. And yet, here we are! And things improved a millionfold after that first practice. (Not sure if it was the talk I had with June about her freedom to sit out a drill if she didn't like it, or if she just felt more comfortable sharing her ball, or if it was the fruit snacks she got after practices!)

We had a little team party after the last game at one of the parents' houses. It was great and fun to see all the kids playing, and the parents were so sweet in all of the praise and thanks they gave me. The kids got medals and I got a gift card and a team photo where all the kids had signed the mat around it! Isn't that sweet? 

I gave all my kids hugs at the end. Man, I'm going to miss all of them and their different personalities. 

I bought some little personalized sugar cookies for the kids with their names on them as a parting gift. They turned out so well!

Some of the parents asked if I would be coaching again next year. There were definitely some moments in the season where I thought that I probably wouldn't. The main reason was that it was a lot of work...planning practices and stressing about everyone being happy. Not to mention the extra time commitment (what with my job, family and taking a college class this semester). But now that I have all that work behind me (a binder full of practice plans), and since I had such a good group, I do think I might sign up again next year. I guess we'll see how I'm feeling as the time draws closer.

I'm just happy that June seemed to still like soccer at the end of the season and that she is interested in playing again!

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