Monday, December 21, 2015

Art Beast

We're back from our trip to Phoenix, where we had such a great time visiting with my family! June cried because she was so sad to be leaving Arizona! I have to say that I also nearly cried ... but that might have had something to do with returning to our home in Sacramento to find that it was 55 degrees inside and the heater was broken! 

I'm currently cuddled up wearing two sets of pajamas, the kids have space heaters in their rooms and we're going to tough it through the night in hopes of getting the thing fixed tomorrow. So, here from my perch beside the fireplace, I post some pictures from our trip to Art Beast.

Art Beast is a cool little spot in Midtown Sacramento that is all about imaginative play for kids. There are a few different floors and rooms devoted to different activities. I took the kids there one morning (it was the morning of our gingerbread house decorating party, and Michael agreed to clean the house if I took the kids out somewhere) and we really got to enjoy it. I had only previously been there with June one time for a birthday party, and Bennett hadn't been at all. 

This place was so cool, and the kids had such a good time. Admission is a little pricey (in my opinion, but I'm definitely keeping this place in mind as a cool spot to bring out-of-town guests with kids and a wonderful rainy day idea.

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