Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a really busy Halloween Saturday!

While we were still in our pajamas, we finally got around to carving our pumpkin! The kids were interested in scooping seeds but not really wanting to get their hands in the pumpkin innards. June decided that she wanted to face to be a cat's face, and that the nose needed to look like a heart. We carved it, June named her Juliet and wanted to hang out with the pumpkin for the rest of the morning. ("I'm putting a collar on her." "She'll get sad if I go into my room and get dressed!")

Then we had a soccer game. It went well, June played goalie, all of the kids were interested and sweet, as usual.

Then Michael took Bennett home while I took June to a friend's birthday party, complete with a bounce house.

After naps and dinner, it was time to get dressed up. 

June wanted to dress up as Skye, her favorite character in the Paw Patrol tv show. Skye is the one who flies, hence June's little silver wings. 

I'll never get tired of seeing the excited look in her eye after I give her the mirror after painting her face. 

Bennett, who also loves it when we put Paw Patrol on, was Marshall. He didn't have much of a say in the matter, and I have a feeling that things might be different next year, but this year it was really sweet for them to have costumes that went together.

Bennett was Marshall, the Dalmatian member of the Patrol who is the fire dog.

I was fully prepared to have Bennett freak out and not want to wear the hat, 'pup pack' or even the full costume. But I held up the costume, said that he could put on the puppy suit and he seemed into it! He even sang the little lines ("Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol") of the song. I didn't know if he would understand the concept of dressing up to look like something else, but I really think he did!

At first he didn't want to wear the hat, but by the time we wanted to take some pictures he was leaving it on. He even wore it around the neighborhood all on his own!

Here you can see his 'pup pack' and maybe you can see his little tail (it's the part that has a lot of black spots on it). 

The kids were so cute. June had been so patiently waiting for this day. She's got a cute way with words, you know? She'll muse to herself, "I just can't wait for trick-or-treating! I just can't get it out of my head, I don't know why, but I can't!"

She went up to houses, diligently said "Trick or Treat!" and made sure Bennett got a piece of candy. Bennett was surprisingly great at picking out a piece and placing it in his bucket! The first few houses let him have as many pieces as he wanted, so we had to rein him in a little at other houses. June said "thank you" consistently and we even got Bennett to say "dunk ooo" quietly.

I really thought Bennett would lose interest. Going on walks with him (when he's not in the stroller) has been hard lately because he'll find a house with a cat sitting outside of it and not want to move past it (he wants to just stare at the cat and say 'HI MEOW!' over and over). But I was surprised that he kept trudging along behind June, holding my hand and saying "Knock! Knock" to indicate that he wanted to go up to a house. Sometimes Michael or I would be holding his pumpkin bucket and he would stop and try to grab it from us, insisting on holding his heavy little bucket himself. 

I was a little disappointed by our neighborhood, though. So few kids were out trick-or -treating! I can't believe it since there are normally so many kids around. Maybe some are just to young to go out, or else they decided to trick-or-treat over at the really nice neighborhood nearby. We left a bucket of candy out on our stoop while we were out, but I don't think many came by. When we were home, we only had three groups of kids come.

(One group had boy with a Michael Meyers mask on, which terrified poor Bennett, who spent the rest of his short time before bed with his lower lip pouted out saying "Boy. Boy," with a concerned look on his face. )

Oh my gosh - look at Bennett's little belly!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween - we did!

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