Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Girls Night Out - Disney on Ice

A couple of weeks ago we had a Girl's Night Out, and by 'girls' I mean me, two friends and our daughters. We went to see Disney on Ice!

We told the girls that they could dress up, and the other two did but June didn't want to wear one of her fancier dresses. She wanted to dress up as if she were a real princess, which meant her longest maxi dress, glass slippers, necklace and tiara. 

The girls are so sweet and cute together.

Us moms let the kids know that they could each have a snack and a souvenir, but when they went for the snow cones in a take-home cup, we said that it would count for both. The girls still wanted them, which we realized was a mistake only after we'd gotten to our seats and realized what a messy, difficult thing it is to eat. We had originally planned to have all the girls sit at one end of the row together, but us moms needed to help them with their snow cones (which turned into ice balls quickly) so we moved around.

It was a great show! It showed a lot of Cinderella and Rapunzel with some of Tiana and Snow White as well. The girls were pretty entranced.

Afterward we went out to eat at a local place called Chicago Fire, which I haven't been to in ages. I texted Michael to let him know we'd be out a little later and he said that he was also out to eat with Chicago Fire!

I wanted to avoid him seeing me because if he did I thought he'd get whiney and want to be with me. I couldn't keep June and the girls away, though, so they went over to say hello!

Afterward, we headed home. While there was some moving-around of carseats, I took some pictures of the girls. They had just learned what a 'photo bomb' is, so I kept pretending to take pictures of random things ("Alright, guess I'll just be taking a picture of the door here" "I need a picture of this bush!") and they would try to photo bomb it.

It was a really sweet night with friends!

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