Sunday, November 1, 2015

Future School Tour & Fall Festival

Whenever I find myself in conversations with other moms these days, the conversation almost always turns to future elementary schools. I usually end up feeling overwhelmed and ill-prepared by the end of them. Recently a mom told me that the after school programs at our school fill up really fast and that I'd need to get on the wait list ASAP if I wanted to stand a chance. Feeling a little panicked, I emailed the school and just sort of asked, "Um...what am I supposed to be doing, here, exactly?" They reassured me that enrollment doesn't start until January but they invited me to take a tour of the school anyway that Friday.

So I went! (And all of the other parents were considering schools for the year following next, furthering my feelings of being late to the game!)

We got to go into the kindergarten classrooms while kids were learning, which was really fun. I couldn't help it - I got a little choked up, and couldn't believe we were already at this point. Sure, June's been in daycare since she was very little, but there's something significant about starting elementary school, even if you've been in preschool. The principal lead the tour. I loved what I saw and learned about the school. I asked my questions and watched kids play in P.E. and saw volunteers working in the garden.

Then the principal mentioned that we should bring our kids back that night because they were having a Fall Festival. I thought it'd be a great, casual way for June to see her future school since she's been talking about it a lot lately. Even though Michael was out of town, I took both kids for a fun night!

The whole thing was a fundraiser for the school PTA. So we bought a wristband for unlimited carnival-type games plus a few extra rounds on the cake walk.

June had a fun time, saw a friend from her soccer team and won a bunch of little prizes. I had to remind her that, yes, this is where she's be going to school in the future, but no, it wouldn't be a festival every single day.

We did the cake walk as a team (June, Bennett and me all standing together on one number together). I was trying to explain June the rules but then just decided to jump in and explain as we went along. So we gave them a ticket, walked around the circle and stopped on a number when the music stopped. They immediately called our number - we won on the first round! Here I was trying to explain how they called only a couple numbers ... and they called ours! June must have thought it was  a really great game where she plays once and gets a whole cake.

I told her she could pick out whichever cake/pie/bundt/pastry/cupcakes she wanted and she decided on this one:

After laughing pretty hard, I got her to confirm that yes, she was sure she wanted the skull cake. (There were so many cute or really lovely little cakes, but alas, this was the one she wanted.)

We actually kept playing because we had all those tickets, and we won again on what was going to be our last round. We ended up not taking a second cake home, but it was still really fun. Bennett learned a new word ("cake") and we went home and all ate a slice. Bennett surprisingly wasn't really into it, but June chowed down until her mouth was black. 

It was a great chance to see our new school - and a fun way to spend an evening, especially since Michael was out of town and we might otherwise have just been hanging around the house!

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