Sunday, November 29, 2015

Around Here Lately

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We were really lucky to have a visit from my brother and his girlfriend. Before I post some pictures of their visit, however, I wanted to unload some recent photos from my iPhone.

Lately, Bennett has three activities he's always trying to do at home. One is pull a chair over toward the microwave, climbing on the chair and pressing buttons on the microwave. The second is looking through a photo book I made of our Hawaiian vacation pictures (he likes pointing and naming all the people in the photos.) The third is having these little "Hello" magazine/books read to him. Over and over again.

I recently had a trip back to Arizona for work for a week. It just happened to coincide with a trip that Michael had to New York, so my mother-in-love flew in town and watched the kids for us! We are so lucky to have her!

And Michael was lucky enough to see my parents in NYC, who were there for continued assessment/treatment!

My days were packed with work, but I was able to squeeze in some time afterwards to see friends and family. I had so much fun with JP, Alison and Kai at Top Golf. This is sort of like Cosmic Bowling in that it takes a relatively mundane daytime activity (a golf driving range) and amps it up for nighttime entertainment. We had a drink, snacks and a good time...and took time hitting balls into the range scoring points for hitting targets.

June and Bennett have been playing together more and more these days. We feel like Bennett's vocabulary is expanding a lot lately, and now they even have little conversations together.

Fall in Sacramento is so pretty. Sacrament's nickname is the "City of Trees" and those trees are really coming out in full force with the color change this year. We have a big tree next door that dumps leaves into our yard, so the kids and I were able to make our first leaf pile!

I was so glad that the leaves were still pretty by the time JP and Alison got out here for their visit! 

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