Monday, October 19, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch

This Saturday was our first (and only!) Saturday without a soccer game this season, so we decided to take advantage and visit a pumpkin patch. We went to Fog Willow Pumpkin Patch, which is the same big one we visited last year because it's so great. We had such a great time!

June couldn't wait to pick out a 'medium-sized' one. Bennett can't say 'pumpkin' but does say 'cumpkin,' so that's what we heard all day. (That and 'cack-tor!' for the tractor.) 

At one point, the other kids were off playing and Bennett just kept running toward the tractor that was pulling the hayride. I kept trying to get him to walk back to the playground with me, but he wouldn't budge. Eventually I asked him if he wanted to ride the tractor and he said, "Aye," which is his way of saying yes. (He's like a little pirate.)  So in we went! Just me and my Benny on the hayride.

Michael snapped this photo from the afar playground.

Pony rides - June was so excited to end up with the horse she wanted. June named her Stormy but I'm pretty sure I saw her real name as Joanie.  Bennett desperately wanted to ride a horse, but said "All done. All done. ALL DONE" basically as soon as the horses started moving. He didn't cry or anything, just made it quite evident that he was, in fact, all done.

While we were in the mining section, it started to rain, which was kind of fun, really.

But it did mean that finding a dry spot to eat our lunch was going to be difficult. We ended up at this spot, which was great because it ended up drizzling a little and the kids were able to perch under the umbrella and not get wet.

We bought five pumpkins on our way out the door and considered it a really great Saturday morning! We love the fall time and this changing weather!

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