Thursday, October 22, 2015

Notes on Bennett Lately

Instead of saying "Yes," Bennett says "Aye." And he usually says it with this little nod of his head. Every time he does it, I picture him as a little pirate following orders.


I still nurse Bennett before bed as part of our bedtime routine. Most of the time he gets very tired and just about falls asleep while I hold him there on the rocking chair. But lately he's gotten into this habit of snaking one finger up toward my face, poking me in the nose and loudly saying "NOSE!" Then he moves on to poke me in the "MOU!" and my "EYE!" (He actually pokes me in the eye, and will never not find it hilarious to do so.)


No doubt, he's a little Mischief Man and gets this little gleam in his eye when he knows he's doing something he's not supposed to. But he's just so sweet, you know? He's my sweet little Bubs. He is so interested in other people, and will say "Hi. Hi! HI!" louder and louder at people across the street until they acknowledge him, all while waving. After giving me a kiss, he'll say "June" and pucker up and walk in her direction, wanting a kiss from her. He's not aggressive with other kids and seems very bewildered when they are aggressive toward him, or are having an emotional time.


More and more he's able to communicate in ways that work for him. He uses "All done!" a lot, like when he wants to be doing something else. (For example, when he wants to get down from his stroller because a dog is walking by, he'll pull on the stroller seat belt and say "All done. All done!" Another one he uses a lot is "Stuck!" I find him so adorable when I can hear this muffled "Stuck! Stuck!" and see him trying to climb up onto the couch but just barely not making it, or when he's pushing June's baby stroller around and its wheel gets caught on a corner.


Bennett's Favorite Things to Do:
1. Play with the hose in the front yard (it's not turned on - don't report me to the drought people!)
2. Have me ask him unending questions and him nodding earnestly in response to every one. "Bennett, do you love Mama? Do you like bananas? Do you like to get owies? No, Bennett, you don't like owies!"
3. Reading these little "Hello" booklets he has a subscription to (they are the baby version of the Highlights magazine)
4. Wearing pajamas
5. According to daycare, his favorite things to do there are dance and read books. He'll dance to anything (including a fellow baby banging on the drum) and when it's circle time for books, he runs ahead to grab the best spot front and center.
6. Dogs. He wants to wave at every dog ("Hello, goggie!") and will reach out his hand and ask for a "Lick? Lick?"

Not So High on His List:
1. When June crawls around the house and pounces out at him while snarling
2. Me cooking. Cooking with Bennett in the house is awful. His go-to move is to press himself between me and the cabinets (like when I'm at the stove or sink) and physically push me back away from the counter.
3. Eating meat. He'll take down some meatballs, but that seems to be about it for meat.

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