Thursday, October 1, 2015

Circus Night

The weekend before last we had tickets to the circus! We actually had 4 tickets, but Michael had heard the circus rehearsing and thought it might be a little too loud and overwhelming for Bennett. We invited several pairs of friends to join us, but it just didn't work out so June and I went by ourselves. It worked out nicely since we had two extra seats, so I placed June in the spot that didn't have someone sitting right in front of it. 

When we got there, we got straight to souvenir-buying (a plastic show horse) and then went down to the floor where there was an elephant doing tricks for the crowd. I put June up on my shoulders so she could see.

It was pretty neat because one of June's preschool weekly themes was the circus lately, so she knew all about the different acts of the circus. She asked if there were going to be people on trapeze and tigers and clowns.

It was so cool to watch her reaction to all of the different pieces. We were so close to the action, so she was constantly looking around, taking in all of the different things happening at once.

I felt like the people on the tightrope were directly above us. I had the uneasy sensation that if they fell, those big poles were totally coming at us. June and I were so excited when they were just walking across the wire, with me taking several pictures. I should have known that that was nothing compared to what they did eventually.

By this time in the act, June and I were giggling nervously and June was whispering "I would never do that. NEVER!"

We loved the elephants, of course. June's other favorite was this dramatic dance with a big suspended sphere with women during Cirque de Soleil type things inside. Her favorite part of it was the four mermaids who were suspended above he ground around the edge of the arena.

There were no fewer than 17 tigers in this ring at one time:

I was a nervous wreck during the tiger act. There was just one guy in there with them, and he kept telling them what to do. There was this one tiger who took a long time to listen to him and he was baring his teeth and I thought for sure we were going to watch a dude get mauled. But it was super cool.

Overall, it was a great time. I was pretty glad we didn't bring Bennett because he's just so ansty these days and the show was pretty long. I know that Michael or I would have been taking turns walking him around the concourse if he had been there.

This was June's first time going to the circus and I think it was the perfect time to take her. She had just the right amount of wonder and excitement, and just (barely) enough attention span to get her to the end. It was a great time!

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  1. What a wonderful post! I felt like I was there with your pictures. I'm so glad you and June had such a good time. Love you all!