Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Cape for a Horse, of Course

You know how it is with kids and show and tell. Two girls bring in their toy horses, but one of the horses has a 'fancy cape' and the other one doesn't. June asked me if we could buy a cape that would fit Candy, the horse that she got as a souvenir from the circus recently. I told her that finding a cape that would fit her well and not fall off her back would be hard. Then June told me that the cape wouldn't fall off her back if we just located one with a long train.

(Yes, that definitely makes the task 100% easier and not 1000% more difficult. Just find a perfectly sized horse cape with a train. Got it.)

"Maybe we could try making one, June."

Which is how I came to spend the morning of my 7th anniversary sitting at the sewing machine with June on my lap, making a cape and a mask for a horse. (Oh yeah, I found out Candy needed a queen mask, too. Naturally.)

The cape was easy (I didn't even end up sewing more than the velcro closure, but the mask took some finagling - June knew EXACTLY how the mask should look and which parts of the horse face could (and more importantly COULD NOT) be covered up. 

Oh! And one more thing. June wanted to add 'jewels' from her jewelry box. (This is a small cardboard box she was given to decorate with sequins/confetti at a birthday party, but June didn't want to waste any on the box and instead hoarded a handful inside the box.)

So the finished train now looks like this:

I'm glad that June is so happy with how they turned out, and Candy has remained thus adorned since that fateful morning.

As I was cleaning up that morning, I heard June talking quietly to herself: "Candy really looks like a real queen. She's so beautiful." Then louder, to me, "I'm happy Candy looks so beautiful. She's a good horse. When I say 'stay,' she stays. When I say 'play dead,' she does it."

I really see it as evidence of her glass-half-full heart that she chose to compliment Candy on the two tricks that the horse physically can do on her own.

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  1. This post makes me smile. June is so creative and you are such an awesome mom (good luck to my kids ever getting horse capes and masks), I'll keep turning to you for inspiration.