Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Railroad Museum

I kept hearing about this great Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento but had never gone. We visited the railroad when we went on the Polar Express train and I'd seen the museum plenty of times, but it never really got me excited to go inside. Well, Michael recently redeemed his Father's Day gift to go golfing with a friend on one Sunday morning, so I was on my own with the kids.

I was immediately impressed when we walked in and saw a giant steam engine (locomotive) in a huge room. Then my mouth fell open when I rounded a corner and saw at least 7 other engines and several full train cars in the enormous space. Bennett was so excited and just kept whispering, "Choo choo. Choo choo."

Here's me and the kids in front of one locomotive that had wheels as tall as me!

In order to fit the museum in before afternoon naps, we went to the museum when it opened. This turned out to be great because it was quiet and we had plenty of time and space to see everything. As we walked around, several staff said that we picked the right time to come because in an hour or so it was going to be hard to fit in the cars due to the crowd.

We went in one US Mail train car, one dining car and one sleeper car. The sleeper car was cool because the lights were low and it was on some kind of mechanism that caused the car to rock slightly as if it were really moving.

At the suggestion of several staff members, I saved the second floor for last because the kids would want to stay there. There were several cool model trains set up, but the real star of the show was all of the toy trains. The kids both ran around playing with Thomas and his friends.

They really loved it - and I did too! I'm hoping to go back with Michael (or even out-of-town guests) to check it all out again.

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