Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dad & New York

A couple of weeks ago, I took a day off work and hopped on a red eye flight to New York City to visit my mom and dad. 

I haven't blogged about this before and I'm not sure how to go about it now. Without going into too much detail, my dad was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago. He's gone through a lot, with tests and treatments, hearing that one thing worked and then learning that a new form of cancer was found.

So recently, my dad got admitted to the hospital in New York for an extended period of time because his immune system was low and he needed to stay in his room to avoid getting sick. Because he was there for so long, I decided to visit him to spend some quality time and to help break up the monotony of hospital room life. (JP also visited, but it was a different weekend.)

My mom normally stays in the room with dad (including sleeping on that folding chair device - she's a saint) but for this trip, we stayed overnight at an apartment owned by one of dad's colleagues. 

We spent a majority of the time with Dad, mostly sitting around talking, bringing in food from the outside world and just relaxing. Mom and I would leave for a bit in the afternoons to give Dad a time to rest, which meant that I got to see some of the city.

I took Uber cars for the first time in my life (SO nice - and simpler than taxis, I think) but we also tried taking the subway one morning. It was NOT a success story, so we reverted back to Ubers after that!

One of the afternoon walks took us to Central Park, where we had lunch at the boat house.

On my final night there, Dad said he wanted barbecue ribs so that was what we had! It was a great meal and I so enjoyed just sitting around with Mom and Dad, eating and catching up.

Eventually it was time for me to catch a cab back to the airport and leave my Mom and Dad behind to go home and see my babies and husband. I was sorry to leave them. It had been a long time since I had been so free to spend so much relaxing time together (without little kids to worry about!). 

I am glad to report, though, that Dad's white blood cell count went back up and he got discharged from the hospital after spending a whopping 37 days there. They were so glad to be back to their normal place and get back to their normal routine back home. 

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