Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The State Fair Times Two

Michael and I went to the California State Fair twice this year - once on a date night and again with our kids and some friends. Best case scenario!

On the date night, it was so laid back and relaxing! We got beer and burgers and sat and listened to some live music. (You know you're an emotional mom when you start tearing up watching the teenage death metal band on stage, and seeing how happy they all were to be doing it, and leaning over to your husband saying "You know what, I'd be so proud if that were my kid!" Highlight: the tiny blonde girl who was the drummer-slash-girl who was doing that metal scream into the microphone.)

We walked around, seeing the sights, including tons of animals and the 4H animals. All these sheep were being groomed and paraded out and judged. For the life of me, I couldn't distinguish what would make one of these sheep 'better' than the next, but I guess that's why I'm not an official judge.

I just liked watching them, bleating and nuzzling up against their handlers.

We didn't ride many rides - just the ferris wheel, but it was still fun walking around and seeing all of them.

A week or two later, our friends asked if we wanted to go to the fair as families. We got there right as it was opening to beat the crowds and get some good hours in before it got too hot (and before naps were set to occur!).

The first stop was pony rides, followed by the petting zoo. This petting zoo was legit. They had lots of different animals, including pigs and wallabies! June had a blast and wanted to keep feeding them. Some of the animals were pretty... I guess 'assertive' is an appropriate getting the food. The deer even kept nibbling peoples' shirts, which made June laugh (surprisingly).

(Michael snuck up on our friend Joe, acting like he was the deer eating his shirt. I laughed, but you'd think I'd be more prepared for when Michael did the same to me. I'm not proud of the noise that came out of my mouth when I thought the deer was getting me.)

Bennett started off wanting to stick pretty close to me, but by the end of it he was charging off trying to pet the wallaby.

Then we got to milk a goat! I'm pretty sure that it was supposed to be a kids-only activity, but both Shannon and I were not about to pass up the opportunity, so as soon as June was done, I took a seat and was like, "MAMA'S TURN."

Afterward, we scattered and each found some different fair food and met back for a picnic in the shade. It ended up being a bit of a commune kids were eating their kids' mac-n-cheese, their kids were eating my kids' sausage. And everyone was crawling after the snow cone.

Then the kids rode a few rides.

We had already passed the normal nap time hour, so we all headed out of the park then. It was perfect timing - just as things were getting really warm.

I think we all took naps that day!

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