Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Fourth of July

The original plan for our Fourth of July was to have our friends Amy and Erik and their son Duncan come to visit form Seattle. Unfortunately their family came down with something just before the trip and had to reschedule. We were sorry that they were sick and bummed to miss them, but at least we got to reschedule the trip to next month!

Last year we went to the big East Sacramento parade and planned on going again this year. We were also invited to 'pre-game' at a friend's house. You know you've officially reached a new phase of life when 'pre-gaming' starts at 9 AM and involves toddlers and baked goods along with mimosas! It was really fun seeing such a big group of little kids. June was actually one of the older kids!

When the parade was about to begin, we all created a giant stroller caravan and walked to the street with the parade.

It was starting to get hot and it was close to nap time, so we started the walk home. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping Bennett awake since  he was still sitting up in his seat. That was until he hunched forward and fell asleep with his head on the tray of his stroller! Poor guy was SO tired after his big morning. I tipped him back to a more comfy spot and just let him sleep.

That night my 'in-loves' got in town! They had originally planned on getting a hotel room for the evening, but since our friends were no longer in town, they were able to stay at our place instead. They arrived just as we were starting to use sparklers!

June was a little hesitant about the sparklers at first, but we eventually got her going with them. She then promptly hurt her foot by stepping on one of those little ash pieces, further scarring her away from wanting to ever do sparklers again. (We had been running around barefoot while spraying down our crispy lawn so it didn't catch fire, and just never remembered to put shoes on in the excitement.) My transition to Worst Mom Ever is complete.

But the night ended on a sweet note (and I'm not even talking about the apple pie!).

We came inside, watched some impressive fireworks on TV, then walked to the corner of the street to watch the local show in the distance just over the tree line. Hope you all had a great holiday!

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