Friday, July 3, 2015

Sweet Moments with June

These past few weeks have been tough with Bennett. Let's just say that a combination of four molars coming in and a sudden, powerful separation anxiety has left him pretty fussy. Sometimes the whole household is in upheaval, me trying to make dinner, Bennett wanting me to hold him, Michael trying to intervene with a toddler who is having none of it. We sometimes get by relying on June to be steady and happy to entertain herself during these moments, so I want to take a moment to reflect on her and how sweet she is right now.


The other day we were at the park. There was a really big group of people there celebrating a birthday, with a couple of young dads who were getting rowdy with some of the boys. At one point they had loaded up this big merry-go-round contraption with all the kids, with the dads pushing the thing as fast as they could. I had Bennett at the moment and knew Michael had June, but I still watched with the fear that June would make a move to get on. Sure enough, at one point I glanced over when the merry-go-round had stopped and saw June charging the thing. I was about a second away from abandoning Bennett on the swing and sprinting over to her when I saw Michael swoop in and grab her. Later, I asked June about it. She said she wasn't trying to get on the merry-go-round, she had seen another littler girl trying to get on and she was going to stop her. "Because it was WAY too dangerous," she said. While I stared at her, Michael confirmed the story and said that he too had been watching a little girl try to get on. Her dad also stepped in before the people started pushing the thing.


June loves Bennett so much. She's taken to calling him "Cutie" all the time. She also always wants to say "squishy cheeks!" while she presses her hands into his cheeks. (Which he usually tolerates the first 4 times, but then it gets old for him.) Sometimes Bennett comes up to June and tries to hug her, or lay against her, or lay his head in her lap. Every time he does, she gets the most angelic smile and says "Aww!" or "Aww, Cutie!"


June is always pretending to be animals. Her favorite one varies from day to day. Horse. Jaguar. Spinner Dolphin. Osprey. Dalmatian. She's constantly trying to pounce on things, from a pile of pillows to her stuffed Puppy, which Michael makes dodge her and/or fight back.


June's always half in an imaginary world. Today I took June with me to the grocery store, and after I had unbuckled her from her car seat, I said something pretty standard, like, "Climb on down, please." And she curtsied and said, "Yes, your majesty." She wasn't being snide, just earnestly pretending to be speaking to a queen.

The other day was pajama day at school and June wore her Princess Belle nightgown. As usual, I greeted June and she immediately squealed with glee and then ran off to hide somewhere with her friends. I asked her teacher how pajama day was. "Your June is such a personality!" she said. I laughed and agreed, and asked why she said so. "That girl really knows how to work that dress!"

I looked over at June and saw her sauntering across the room, hands on her waist, hips swaying dramatically while she had the most regal expression on her face. "She's been doing that all day," her teacher said.

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  1. Can't wait to see all this sweet personality soon! I'm hoping Duncan wins June over and gets a cute nickname from her, too :)