Sunday, July 12, 2015

King Kamehameha & the Girls Day Out

When we were in Hawaii, I knew we weren't going to go to a luau. This was my preference (and I'm happy to say that I think it was for every one else, too) because they're expensive, not-very-authentic and a lot of times you're really pinned into that activity for hours on end. (Difficult with small kids.) However, June had become really interested in hula dancing, so I did hope she might get to see some while we were in Hawaii.

On one day, my little family had planned to take a sort of day trip up to the northern tip of the island to see the King Kamehameha Day festival up there (where he was born). King Kamehameha is a big deal in Hawaii because he was the first king to unite all of the Hawaiian islands. The rest of the family opted in to the day trip, too, so we all hit the road.

The first thing we did when we got there was see some authentic hula dancing and singing. 

June was really cute to watch.

Then we all got some food and had a bit of a picnic in the shade.

We walked around in a hall/gymnasium and watched or participated in a bunch of activities like lei-making, painting, weaving and so on.

Before driving back down to Kona we stopped at the King Kamehameha statue which was ceremoniously draped in leis for the occasion.

After the guys had their golf day, the girls also had our day of relaxation. We booked spa treatments at the Mauna Lani Spa. It was neat because, in normal spas they give you thick robes to wear around. This would have been way too hot in Hawaii (especially since we spent time outside) so they instead gave us these lightweight wraps to wear! How cute are they?!?

We opted to have treatments that were outside in private thatched huts! And they were 'lomi lomi' massages, in the traditional long-stroke style of Hawaii. It was so cool! 

I had my massage therapist take my photo outside of the thatched hut - he probably thought I was the ultimate tourist.

Afterward we spent some time in the jacuzzi (which we had all to ourselves) and each took showers in private outdoor showers!

We then went to the main Mauna Lani resort and had lunch next to the ocean.

Man, looking through all these photos is making me want to go back!

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