Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden Harvest

A garden update since I found a bunch of photos. I don't think I've blogged about the garden since it was only a few weeks old. 

The far side of the garden has gotten a little out of control. My two tomato plants grew to be humungous, and I just sort of ... let them?

The zucchini plant, which I had hoped would grow up onto a trellis, it turns out is not actually a vining type of zucchini, so it ended up taking up much more space than I had planned.

Even if the garden is a little wild, I do love it, and it makes me happy to water it, take care of it and sometimes just stare at it. Bennett really loves it too, and I have to keep him out of the dirt when I'm watering the garden because he loves the mud.

And now the harvest!

We have so many tomatoes that we can't eat them all. We've had tons of big, meaty beefsteak tomatoes. We've been eating them plain, in caprese salad, roasted tomatoes and a bunch of other ways. On top of that, I sent a huge bowl of tomatoes (plus the cherry tomatoes) to June's daycare for them to eat.

The cherry tomatoes are so good, and it seems like there are hundreds of them on there even after picking off all the ripe ones. 

We've been able to eat green beans from the garden about 6 or 7 times this summer, and they have been so good!

While the pepper plants have been fun to watch produce, they haven't been as successful. The peppers so far either don't get very big or they rot on the plant while I wait for them to get bigger. 

And lastly, the zucchini plant. I swear I have never seen zucchinis this big in my life. I know you're supposed to cut them and eat them when they're just 6 inches long or so, but sometimes it seems like they just get so big over night! I've had a few of them that are as long as my forearm. We've eaten them plain, eaten stuffed zucchini and made so much zucchini bread. 

Not pictured are the sugar snap peas, which I pulled out after they got taken over with powdery mildew, a white powdery fungus. We did at one point have one plant that made it, so we did get some good snap peas before it succumbed. 

I also have a basil plant that is not thriving. Part of the problem was that it's early days were spent in the shade of the zucchini plant, so it didn't get a good start. But I'm hoping it'll make a comeback so I can stop buying store basil for my caprese salad (and I just love basil so much).


  1. I want your garden and harvest in our garden!! It all looks beautiful and delicious!!

  2. Julie, you must have the green thumb in our family! Your garden looks great AND delicious! I wish we could be there to taste it all!