Monday, July 20, 2015

Building the Birdhouse

When Judy and Fred were visiting this past trip, June got the chance to build a birdhouse using a little kit I bought! This kind of thing is right up Fred's alley

It was so cute watching them together. June was very excited to help and Fred was very patient and accommodating with her. I'm not sure if I would have been quite as calm as he was while June was hammering away at those little nails right next to my fingers!

Fred wouldn't settle for any old birdhouse assembly so he reinforced all the edges with a little extra wood glue. 

Our two builders and their finished product:

The next night we painted it! June did most of the painting but she did let me help out with the roof.

It's how hanging out on one of our trees out front. I'm hoping there's some (very small) bird out there who is interested in a new home! 


  1. I think if I painted a birdhouse my work would look a bit more like June's.

  2. And my birdhouse would be home to a condor or an egret or a bald eagle!!! But then again, the Junie Bug and Papa Fred Bird House Company would have some Supply Chain issues!