Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bennett's Words at 15 Months

Or...nearly 15 months, anyway.

At Bennett's one-year doctor appointment I asked the doctor if I should be concerned that Bennett only really said three words, and only one of them consistently. She said not to worry because 2 words was the threshold of 'normal,' and that I should hope/expect to have him say 7-8 words by 18 months.

Well I was thinking about all of his 'words' today and thought, hey! That's something for the baby book! And since I sometimes think of this blog as an extended version of a baby book, here it goes!

"Doo" - June
Nana - Banana
Wawa - Water
Mih - Milk
Moh? - More?
Dah - Dog
Ca-cah - Cracker
Cah - Car
Bah - Ball

Animal Sounds:
"Baa Baa" - Sheep
"Moo" - Cow
"Wuf" - Dog
"ppphhhhh" - Elephant (it's like the sound of air being pressed out of your tightly pressed lips)
"Sssss" - Snake

All Done
Thank You

He nods and shakes his head. This makes me laugh, especially because he usually nods with this little grin on his face. Like if I say, "Bennett, would you like some more apple?" He'll first get this little mischievous grin, then nod his head quickly. Or I'll say, "Bennett, do you want to go get June?" And he nods his head fervently.

He also puts his finger in his mouth whenever I tell him it's time to "go brush teeth." (He also walks in the direction of the bathroom.)

He rubs his hands together when I tell him we need to wash his hands.

He points to his nose, and will sometimes point to his ears and mouth.

He'll give kisses when he feels like it, but if you ask for one and he doesn't feel like it, he'll shake his head while grinning. "No?!" I exclaim, "What do you mean 'no'!?" And he laughs and laughs.

There's this show that we sometimes put on for June while we do her hair in the morning, it's on PBS and it's called Wild Kratts. It's a really good show about two brothers who are super into animals. Anyway, Bennett gets really into their theme song, which goes, "Gonna go wild, Wild Kratts, gonna go wild, wild, Wild Kratts!" And Bennett will sing "WILE, WILE, WILE!"

He's also now capable of blowing pretty terrific raspberries on peoples' stomachs. Which some of us can tolerate a little more than others. June is very ticklish and, like her dad, has some pretty strong reflexes to buck whoever is trying to zerbert her. Bennett knows he has a safe approach with me because I just love watching him smile triumphantly after a great zerbert, so I'll put up with anything.

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