Sunday, May 31, 2015

Back in AZ

The days leading up to my trip to Arizona weren't exactly smooth sailing.  Bennett came down with pink eye (it was going around his classroom) and then he became generally fussy. I felt really bad leaving Michael home with both kids, but it wasn't like I could cancel my work trip. 

I visited my office in Phoenix for four days. It was so nice since I haven't been there in months and there are a lot of people who work there now who didn't last time I was there in person. Every time I visit the office I'm reminded how nice it is to be able to pop into someone's office for a quick word. I'm also reminded how nice it is to be able to sit cross-legged all day like I do at home. (I hate getting caught sitting this way at my desk, and yet it always happens over and over.) (Am I doing permanent damage to my joints by sitting this way so much? Probably. I can't stop.)

I had a couple big meetings, one nearly day-long offsite one, and got to go out to lunch with the leadership team on Friday, which was a nice send-off. 

I especially loved how I got to spend my time after work! On the first night I got to see JP, Alison and Kai. We ate dinner, talked nonstop about our upcoming trip and headed over to the bookstore for some new books for Kai. I am so excited to announce that June has started enjoying chapter books (we read them to her) and I thought she might be ready for the Junie B. Jones series, which I swear was a nickname we used for her before even knowing about the book series. I found a Junie B. Jones book where the Junie goes on a Hawaiian vacation and about died of happiness at the prospect of brining it home for June.

The next night, I unexpectedly got to have dinner just with JP! I can't remember the last time we've hung out just the two of us without significant others or kids. It was so nice to catch up - plus we went to a really cool spot in Tempe - Culinary Dropout.

On my last night in town I drove up to Scottsdale to see my good friend Lyndsey. I got to see Lyndsey's husband Fabricio and their son Matteo, plus their new baby girl Caiohme! We hung out for a while, I tried my hardest to stop baby-talking while staring into Caiohme's eyes, and then we girls went out for a Girl's Night Out. (Fabricio was so great to take both kids so we could catch up.) Such a good night out of recalling old memories, relating over current circumstances and getting excited for the future. Lyndsey and her family are moving to Italy this summer, so I'm not sure when I'll see her again. Maybe when I go live with her for months and months on end? (Kidding. Maybe.)

It was nice to get away for a bit, and sleep through the night and have nice meals out and catch up. But shoot, I practically ran through the airport to get back to my family on Friday evening. Getting hugs from June and seeing Bennett run as fast as his little body could go was just about the greatest thing ever. 

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