Thursday, May 7, 2015

Around Here Lately

Playing with the bowls. Always playing with the bowls...

June learning how to turn the iPhone camera on without unlocking my phone, resulting in me discovering a collection of selfies:

Going to THEE coolest painting party. This one was private, so it was just our group. It was also super low-key, we brought our own sushi in, brought three bottles of wine and just chilled all night. So fun!

We were also encouraged to personalize any way we wanted. I ended up spelling out June's name in the wing detail. This is now hanging in June's room! (Strategically placed in a spot so those big bug eyes can't freak her out in the middle of the night.)

Taking June to get her nails painted for the first time!

Michael bought us gift certificates for a special treat (my birthday?) and we finally managed to go. I got a full manicure but June just got her nails painted (only $5!). She was so tickled to have it done, and I was so tickled to listen to her talk to her technician. "Are you speaking Spanish? I can't understand what you're saying." "My friend Beatrice has blue nails. She's in the Butterfly classroom." 

The woman asked June if she wanted flowers painted on her nails, which, OF COURSE, so she got them done. Apparently June told her technician to "Be careful because bees might think they are real flowers and try to get the nectar."

Hanging out around the house. Bennett being the snuggliest little guy ever.

Morning pile-ons.

Everything's great...except for the pink eye I got. PINK EYE. Gross. It'll be a miracle if I can prevent the rest of the family from getting it.

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