Sunday, April 26, 2015

Worm Week

June's so bummed that Worm Week is over at daycare. Her teacher brought in a bunch of earth worms and used them as a teaching device for the kids this past week. This means that we had a lot of worm-related conversations at home, including June asking me to give her banana peels and newspaper to bring in to feed the worms. I suggested we also send coffee grounds and June didn't want them because she thought the worms would get confused between the coffee and the dirt and end up eating the wrong thing. 

When I picked her up one day last week, June showed off the whole worm situation, including her 'worm diary' in which they write notes (or draw pictures of) what the worms are up to. (This is 'the worms going toward the grass.')

They also had a worm race, which apparently got the kids SO HYPED only to find out that the worms do not suddenly increase their general speed just because they are in a race.

These were some fat, good-looking worms! I wanted to steal some for my garden!

June is suddenly very sensitive about worms in the wild. She notices when they are on the sidewalk and sadly laments when they are dry and dead. We have picked up a few and dropped them in the soil to save their little lives a few times.

Which is all to say I'm basically in love with June's teacher, and am so glad she does stuff like this with the kids.

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  1. This is adorable. I was totally obsessed with earth worms when I was little!