Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scottish Games and Festival

On Saturday we went to the Scottish Games and Festival, which was located on some county fairgrounds about 30 minutes away. I saw an ad for this festival in the "Sactown Magazine" and immediately alerted Michael that we were going and that there was a beard contest if he was interested! (I also invited some friends, but a stomach bug kept them from joining on the day-of.)

I was definitely sensory overload when we got there. Music, smells, sights. Swords, bows and arrows, bagpipes. Men in kilts. Women in kilts. Tiny babies in kilts. 

We watched a troupe of dancers do a few traditional Scottish dances.

We watched a group of bagpipers compete. (There were even judges walking around taking notes on everything from their music to the degree of perfection of their outfits!) Not to be a total nerd, but the sound of these musicians just filled up my heart, you know? I got the chills.

June was asking all kinds of questions, and even though we don't have any Scottish lineage, I was so happy to talk to her about a different culture and history.

There were also a bunch of games going on. We saw what I consider to be the most awesome and impressive one - the caber toss. Men and women were challenged to lift a large wooden pole and toss it, ideally getting it to fall end-over-end to get the most points.

There was a kid's area with really rustic versions of carnival games, but the kids just wanted to climb on the hay bales.

We watched the drum majors throw their batons.

And watched the Tug of War.

There was also a section with animals, including cows, horses, sheep and oh-so-many Scottish Deerhounds.

Bennett LOVES dogs and gets so excited when they come in close and give him a lick.

I cannot believe that we didn't get a full family photo, but I did get a shot with this guy:

After Michael took this photo, I walked over and recreated the creepy stroking motion this Viking made on my back while this photo was being taken. We watched this guy with fascination as he walked around taking photos with groups (on demand) and, over-and-over, would fondle women just under the threshold of being obscenely inappropriate.

We decided to stay for this BBQ event they had, but I got a little annoyed that it started much later than they had advertised. Michael was saving our spot in line and I was trying to supervise the kids as they played on the hay. June can hold her own for the most part (and I like to think I'm not a hover parent) but there was this idiotic tribe of young men who were trying to impress a group of girls by doing hardcore tricks over the hay bales. They acted so put-out when one of the several kids would get in the way. A time or two they got really close to hitting one of the children, so I just went over and stood in place next to it as an adult blocker. Listen, I understand the need to engage in uber-cool parkour while shirtless at a family event (actually I don't), but over my dead body will you kick my kid in the face while they play on a structure that was clearly there for kids.

When Bennett saw that June was climbing into the hay structure, he wanted to follow.

I could, of course, end the blog post there on a sweet note. Instead I'll have to end it on a sour note, as in sour milk, as in the spit up that ended up IN MY HAIR because I was giving Bennett a ride on my shoulders. I didn't realize it until we were almost at the car, so who knows how long I was walking around with a puddle on my head. As I washed my hair out with bottled water, I shot the stink eye over at Michael, who was laughing a little too hard about the whole thing. 

Other than that, though, it was a great day and evening! :)

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