Monday, April 20, 2015

Napa with the Parents

I've been looking forward to this trip with my parents for ages. They came out to see us and take a short trip over to wine country to see the sights. My mom came out a few days early to get some extra time with the kids (and us, I'm sure!).

Here is June giving Vivi a puppet show:

Dad got in town on Thursday evening and we wasted no time in uncorking some wine and having some fun in the back yard.

The drive over to Napa was surprisingly short! Only 60 minutes!

We checked in and got to see our cool new home at the Silverado Resort & Spa - a three-bedroom suite with its own little kitchen and living space. I think our favorite spot was the patio. It was mostly shaded by these awesome moss-covered trees, and overlooked the green on a golf course so we'd sit out there and appreciate the weather and watch golfers go by and attempt their shots.

Mom and I had spa treatments that first day, so the guys watched the kids (while they conveniently napped!) while Mom got a massage and I got a pedicure.

That night we headed to this cool indoor market with a bunch of local options to eat at.

We had dinner (and wine, of course!) followed by ice cream from a different spot in the market.

Back at our room, we settled in for the night. June said Vivi and Papa's bed was big enough for us all to sleep in.

We didn't though. It was such a luxury to have the kids sleeping in their own room on a vacation. I do think there was some adjustment, like how June would sit up and stare at me while I nursed Bennett around 5AM, but in general it went so well! I think June really liked sleeping in a room with Bennett since she got so bummed if we would suggest they maybe nap in separate rooms.

On Saturday morning the guys were up super early to go golfing, so Mom and I headed out for an activity with the kids. I won't say anymore on that, though, because it'll be its own post. (I have too many pictures to post them here.)

After the guys got back from golfing we went to the Stag's Leap winery for a tasting. At first I was a little anxious because the place was pretty nice and the kids were feeling wiggly. But we got into a nice little rotation where one grown-up would spend a couple minutes with them (and providing a near-endless stream of snacks) while the others drank their tasting portions.

Dad, the kids and the vines in the background:

We debated going to another winery after that, but we were all pretty hungry and we had a few bottles of wine, so we took our picnic supplies back 'home' and enjoyed the patio instead. Seriously, it was so lovely. We had strawberries, bread, cheese, salami and wine, glorious wine. It was sunny but absolutely comfortable in the shade and the kids were happy to run around looking at bugs and birds and passing golfers. (It would have been the pinnacle of happiness had Bennett not fallen and hit his head on the concrete...ouch! Poor guy still has a little scrape from it.)

That night we went on a hot date! We arranged to have a babysitter come to the suite to watch the kids while we went out in Napa. We were celebrating Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary and were very surprised to have a bottle of champagne delivered by the hotel while we were getting ready!

We walked around Napa for a while before dinner. It was so cute, but you could see that there was still a lot of damage from the big earthquake last year, which was sad. But we had dinner at such a cool restaurant called TORC. Good Lord, this was the best meal I've had in a long time. Michael and I exchanged bites of steak and halibut, with risotto as a mid-course. We had dessert and wine and stories and laughs.

It was such a wonderful weekend, and even though it was only a few days, it felt really rejuvenating and like we fit a lot in, you know? Not to mention how fun it was to spend time with my parents, and watch them have fun with the kids. I loved how much Bennett would say "Papa!" and get so happy and take these fast little steps to my dad. I loved how game my mom was to do our Saturday activity, and how we always seem so in tune with what defines a good time. I'm so lucky to have such fun parents!

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  1. What a wonderful trip to California! I enjoyed every minute in Sacramento AND in Napa! June and Bennett are a wonder to watch. You can practically watch them learn and process new experiences. I miss them so much and look forward to seeing all of you again in June!!!! We love you and your family. �� Mom