Sunday, April 12, 2015

June's Fourth Birthday and Easter!

Last Sunday was a busy day, what with it being Easter and June's 4th birthday! We didn't really have a game plan of in what order things would happen. We ended up opening June's presents early, even before breakfast, which allowed me and Michael and moment to drink some coffee. We had cinnamon rolls as a birthday/Easter treat.

June was so very lucky to have had presents from her grandparents and some Arizona friends to open in addition to family ones!

June's new Doc McStuffins doctor bag, which she took with her to her 4 year checkup the following Wednesday. She now asks about her toys' blood pressure, which cracks me up every time.

After opening presents she went into her room to give all of her toys checkups. Poor Bennett was so interested in the sounds coming from her room but he wasn't allowed to go in and mess up June's brand-new doctor office.

We were planning on doing the egg hunt then but Bennett crashed. He's still sort of transitioning between two naps a day and one, and on this day he needed two. So we put him down for a nap and played with June until he woke up. But by that time it was raining, so we put off the egg hunt again. 

We went to the toy store so June could spend a little birthday money on a toy. She was so proud to have her own money and wanted to hold it on the way there but fell asleep in her carseat.

She picked out a set of My Little Ponies and I spent the rest of the day trying to remember which was one named Octavia Melody and which one was named Mr. Carrot Cake. (I'm still not sure which one DJ Pon-3 is.)

Then it was finally time for the egg hunt! (June had actually stumbled across her basket earlier in the day, causing her to exclaim in delight and me to almost start crying at how bad a failure I am at hiding gifts before the actual time to bring them out.)

We gave Bennett his basket. He grabbed a bag of yogurt puffs and ran off in delight.

Then the egg hunt was on!

Bennett got a little distracted by the water table. June had to help him find most of his eggs, but once he figured out the deal, he was pretty good about putting them into his basket.

We ended the night with a cupcake for June and four candles for our little girl. (Plus two of her Ponies there by her plate.)

I'll end this post with a quote from June from lunch just this afternoon. We'd gone out to a restaurant and June kept getting up and dancing around the (empty) place, humming along to the music. I said, "June, when we're in a restaurant you need to stay seated in your chair while you eat." And she said, "Mommy, sometimes the singing is so pretty that I just want to dance."

So that's my little girl. Four is sometimes challenging, but four so far is also very genuine, funny, smart and endearing.

Happy birthday, Bug.

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