Monday, April 13, 2015

Grammy's Visit

When we found out what time my mother 'in-love' arrived on Wednesday evening, we thought it'd be fun to surprise her with the kids at the airport. They were so excited and we anxiously ran from tram platform to tram platform to see which one Grammy would come off of. When she finally came off, June ran up so quickly that poor Grammy nearly tripped over her! (It didn't help that June didn't really yell "HI GRAMMY" and instead silently ran up with this crazed smile on her face.)

The kids always have a devoted playmate when Grammy is here. I'm not sure that Judy's trips are very relaxing, but they sure are chock-full of adorable moments.

On Friday night we made the spontaneous decision to go to the Food Trucks in the Park at McKinley Park. 

Doesn't Bennett look just like a happy turtle in this picture?! You can't tell me he doesn't!

On Saturday night Judy stayed with the kids so Michael and I could have a date night! I only have one picture of his beer and my Prosecco, but we had such a good night eating sushi and going to see the movie "While We're Young."

On Sunday morning we all went to the big farmer's market downtown and to the park. 

The trip's not even over yet and the kids are already so lucky to have had some quality time with their Grammy!

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