Thursday, April 9, 2015

Egg Hunt in the Park

June's birthday was on Sunday and we went back and forth on when to have her party. We decided against having it on Saturday morning because we figured it would be a busy enough weekend and that June's friends might be away for the weekend for Easter. I'm glad we didn't because we ended up going to a public egg hunt and we saw a bunch of our friends there, so we all would have been missing that good time if we'd had the party on Saturday.

A little park near our house was having a neighborhood egg hunt, so we hit the road with Bennett in the stroller and June on her bike.

There were two groups, the three-and-under and the four-and-over. We let June pick which group she wanted to be in and she decided on the younger group. She kept talking about how she wanted to be on Bennett's team and help him get eggs. 

Bennett was quickly forgotten because she had a good friend also in the younger group and the two girls ran off, laughing and picking up eggs as fast as they could.

Bennett wasn't quite as quick or focused.

But after the initial rush, June came back to be with her little bro.

She looked in his basket to see how many he had (one) and gave him one of hers...without any suggestion or guidance from us! What a sweet one!

She also pulled me aside and whispered, "Mommy! I got the golden egg!" I hadn't really been paying attention to the announcements before the hunt, and thanks to my parents I'm pretty used to there being a Grand Prize Egg in the mix, so I figured it was totally likely that there was one extra special egg in the hunt. I helped her hide it under her basket grass so no other kids would try to steal it and we both giggled like madmen.

June cherished that golden egg until she opened it and found a couple of measly jelly beans inside. (Actually she loved the jelly beans. I'm projecting my own feelings about jelly beans here.) Afterward she confided in me that "It wasn't really gold. It was too dark gold."

June also got her face painted by Elsa! 

(Elsa, your roots are showing.)

(P.S. I'm thinking of becoming a face painter as my second job.)

There was also some live music. Bennett was so captivated. He mostly wanted to just stand and watch. Even when I would walk away to be closer to the adults, he would just stand there, feet planted. Sometimes he would start dancing or clapping his hands, and sometimes he would sit for a while. 

It was a really cute, fun time. And a good warm up for the next day - Easter!

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