Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Weekend and the 2015 Garden

Ever since we moved Bennett to take one nap a day, it makes more sense to have him come to gymnastics when June goes for class. It's more exciting for him than sitting around the house where we would be struggling to keep making his toys entertaining. So I offered to take both kids on Saturday morning while Michael sat home and ate bon bond. (Kidding. He took care of a lot of much-needed cleaning while we were out.)

And after gymnastics, I'm never in the mood to go back home. It lets out around 10 AM and I always just feel like heading home would be such a letdown. I actually get dressed to go to gymnastics! Which is saying something since most days I only put on jeans to drop off and then pick up the kids, with yoga pants being the choice in between. So I can't just waste actually getting dressed on just sitting in gymnastics. 

On Saturday we went to the Midtown Farmer's Market. We bought donuts and some strawberries and potatoes and strolled around.

That afternoon we took a long walk/bike ride with the kids before it was time to get ready for our date night! Despite this looking like it was a selfie, I assure you that it was June wanting to take pictures again.

When the babysitter arrived, we said quick goodbyes and got out the door. We went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Kru. It was the one most recommended in this article I read interviewing the most popular Sacramento chefs, asking them where they like to eat. We had some amazing sushi and experimented with some other stuff on the menu. (Uni [aka sea urchin] - glad to have tried it, but it's not going on the regular rotation for us.)

Afterward we went to another place for dessert, where I tried to snap a photo and Michael took that exact moment to steal a bite of my Oreo Torte.

Then we headed to another spot with the intention of hearing some live music, but they had technical difficulties so we just had a couple drinks. 

On Sunday morning we took a family trip over to Home Depot because I was itching to get my spring/summer garden in place. June went NUTS for this car cart (and Bennett wasn't complaining either) and we picked out a bunch of stuff that has me super excited.

So this is my 'before' shot, the raised bed as it was this morning (after I pulled out the whole-y swiss chard, the rogue broccoli plant and a couple of carrots that made it through the winter with absolutely no help from me):

And this is the 'after':

I planted everything while the kids were napping.

This year we have two strawberry plants (one is leftover from last year). We have sugar snap peas, string beans, dill, 7 bell pepper plants, a beefsteak tomato, a cherry tomato and a zucchini squash. I realize that planting 7 bell pepper plants might seem like a bit much. I ended up buying a 'gourmet pepper pack' with possible ivory, yellow, yellow and purple peppers in there, plus an extra red bell for good measure. I figured that since the snails got my last pepper plant right away, I would plant all of these and hope that at least one of them makes it through the snail invasion. 

I'm planning on building little trellises for the peas and the beans, though the notes at the store said you don't absolutely have to. It's supposed to make it easier to harvest, and to keep soil off of the pods.

After naps, we hung out on a blanket in the front yard, eating snacks and watching June play with her neighbor friend.

It was a fun, sweet, productive and short weekend. And of course I'm already counting down the moments until the next one. :)

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