Friday, March 20, 2015

Pi Day at the River

So Sacramento is seated right where two rivers come together. I like to think of it like River Run, for you Song of Ice and Fire fans. And there are plenty of activities to do on the rivers and also lots of spots where you can get to a 'beach' to spend some time. 

We had never gone to a river beach before, so I invited some friends to meet us there.

We definitely had differing states of preparedness. I think I was picturing just standing around on shore, throwing rocks in the water, eating snacks. Our friends showed up in bathing suits with beach toys and towels. Sure enough, the kids were diving in the river as soon as we arrived!

I can't post anymore pictures of June past this because we ended up just letting her splash around in her underwear! We learned our lesson and will certainly be in swimsuits next time. 

I could not believe how enthusiastic Bennett was about the whole thing. I thought he might be a little hesitant but he was charging right into the water, which was not exactly a hot tub.

And of course he was all about playing in the sort of muddy sand on the shore.

Afterward we had these friends and another family over for dinner. (The other family couldn't make it to the river because their poor daughter has her arm in a cast.)

This was on 3/14/15, which as you probably were aware, is considered "Pi Day." This was an extra special pie day because of the extra "15" due to those being the next numbers after 3.14 in pi.

So to celebrate, June and I made a strawberry pie with some berries we bought at the farmer's market that day. Actually, June and I made the crust, then I finished her off while the kids napped and I wondered if I could get away with just eating the whole pie.

It was a really nice, full, exhausting and pie-filled Saturday. Loved every minute.

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